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Digital product designer, focused on crafting thoughtful experiences for people.

My design background began with studying Graphic and Information design at Central Connecticut State University. Since then, I've worked for large, international corporations, and small startups. For the past 6 years I led design at Daily—a video and audio developer platform.

I'm sort of a generalist. Having been fortunate to have worked across many design disciplines, team settings and challenges, I can say that I am happiest at the intersection of visual design and product.

Working with me

I enjoy working on longterm projects that I can contribute to with colleagues I trust. I can work solo, but very much enjoy collaborating with others (designers, engineers, product, you name it).

I tend not to speak aloud without thinking things over and I believe that a good designer should consider all perspectives, both those of their customers and teammates, in order to deliver thoughtful solutions.

To me, good design, if used successfully, can guide discussions and highlight opportunities.

I appreciate honest and direct answers, and I value working towards goals and priorities that all involved are aligned around.

I enjoy working with people who are smarter than me and with those who challenge my thinking. I believe that building great experiences requires room for creativity and exploration.

Lastly, I tend to listen and absorb before diving into a project. When presenting a task, I like to provide only directions that I'm confident in, for review. While I feel that designers should not compromise on craft, I do believe that the best design solutions are developed with consideration from other stakeholders.