Hi, I'm Stephen.
I design things, all kinds of things.
But mostly screen things.

Currently I am working on user interface and visual design with the team at Wildcard.

One time I worked on making a thing look like a thing at AOL, that thing, among others was MAKERS.com. Take a look if you'd like, just note that I am always nervous showing old projects — tread lightly.

Another time I was part of a fantastic crew at Reuters. We were building their Next project, it kicked a ton of ass. Unfortunately the band broke up, however download the iOS app, it was one of our last projects and the reporting is top-notch.

Those are two of my favorites as of late, I promise that I've done other stuff too. I have been learning a lot of front-end development these days, mostly responsive techniques, Sass, CSS3 animations, et cetera. I’ve also been exploring the world of Quartz Composer and Facebook's Origami to aid with mobile interactions and animations here at Wildcard.

Anyways, hopefully you’ve learned some more about what I do, and to be totally honest I legitimately have no plans to update this site anytime soon because it’s winter and I'd rather be snowboarding.

I am on Twitter and Dribbble