About Me

Hello! Iā€™m Stephen Meszaros a designer based online.

Introducing myself is always tough so allow me to begin by describing a normal day. Most likely you’d find me designing stuff for screens, however on the perfect day, I’d most certainly also be making photographs. And yet, on an even perfecter day, I’d definitely be snowboarding or riding one of my bikes.

A bit more professionally, however, I am a designer and problem solver. I am most interested in building design systems for mobile products and interfaces; though I also enjoy designing identities and developing the front-end for websites. In the end, I am deadset on building great user experiences.

My design process cycles between dialog, sketching, designing, prototyping, and testing—all while maintaining a transparent dialog. Simply put, I am constantly adjusting, refining, learning, and hacking away.

Specifically, and as of this writing—May 2016—I am focusing on learning front-end iOS development.

In my free time I’m likely to be enjoying the outdoors. I currently live in Denver, Colorado with my wife, Emily, and our two cats.

About this site

Built from the ground up by yours truly, I designed this site in hopes that it will stand the test of time (good luck, site!). All of the design templates were created in Sketch. Lately I have been writing all of the code for it in Atom, and it is currently built on top of Cactus for Mac. Type is set in Nitti Grotesk. My codebase is version controlled on GitHub, and the site is now hosted on Amazon S3.

Elsewhere online
  • Twitter for stuff I find interesting and random comments
  • Dribbble for an occasional snippet of design work
  • Tumblr for random bits of photography

Please feel free to email me with any questions. I’m always interested in chatting with new folks—especially in regards to photography and design.