Design Community

In review, it easily appears that we all share some great company.

It’s not by design, but these last few months I’ve consistently spent a greater amount of time working on a range of different projects, and in lockstep I must have also re-designed this site well near half a dozen times. Sure enough, with each project I find myself learning more about design, development and building experiences. Whether I’m tinkering with this website or working on one of the many user-facing design problems we’re challenged with at Wildcard, I’m always finding inspiration and technical advice from all across the Internet.

That said, I can confidently say that this redesign was truly inspired by the sense of community that our little tech bubble affords.

It should be clear to us all that the Internet is a constant flood of new information, and still, as a place that is so relatively young it somehow offers up many, many opportunities for growth. From the mounds of tutorials, to the networks we’ve woven, there are endless resources to learn something new.

Honestly, if it were not for folks like those behind Facebook’s design team who have open sourced Origami my designs would not be where they are today. New worlds have opened up due to the nature of the digital design community and our mantra to share.

As the designers of today’s age, our jobs not only include solving new problems, but also in discovering new ways of solving them. And, for myself, to accomplish such a feat, I consistintly turn to the community where there are streams of inspirational new resources scattered in every corner. From my friends and colleagues, to my Twitter feed and design blogs, everything I stumble across is catalyst in allowing me to explore uncharted new areas.

Simply put, if it weren’t for the design and tech community I’m not quite sure what I’d be doing today. So, I suppose it goes to say that regardless of all of the clutter I feel a level of obligation to share my voice, techniques, and in time, hopefully shed some knowedge along the way.

To be blunt, I do not have a game plan for this blog nor a roadmap. You could say that I’m winging it and you’d be right. But, I do have a few small goals:

  1. Archive my design thoughts
  2. Share some of my techniques
  3. Analyze my work

I hope that folks find some of what I offer as useful. If you’d ever like to get in touch and chat about design or anything at all please do not hesitate to contact me via email or on Twitter. I really enjoy talking about projects and meeting awesome new people. Thanks for visiting!